Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sumatra Part 1 - North Sumatra

North Sumatra has numerous tourist attractions. In the recent years 2003 to be exact, the government has prepared this territory for Asean Free Trade Area.including the potential tourism site. There two gateways to go to North Sumatra, they are, Polonia Airport, and Belawan harbor.
The main tourist attractions of North Sumatra are

Toba Lake
A vulkanik lake with 100 Km long, and 30 Km wide. In the middle of the lake there is an island named Samosir. Toba lake is famous for its lovely views. Every year people of Batak, held a festival called The Toba Lake festival. This year, the festival held trough out 7-11th of October, placed at Parapat Tourism City. The festival provide the exhibition of culture, accessories, dances, and don’t forget food. There is also a decorated boat festival competing for the governor’s trophy.

Other activities at Toba Lake festival are : decorated boat festival, decorated store, fishing competition, child activity competition, Parapat touring. There are also the exhibition of local dances, sculpture, garment art called tenun.

When you visiting to toba lake you also have to go to Tomok, at Samosir island, it can be reach by motorboat, for about 45 minutes ride. At the Raja Sidabutars yards you can find Sigale-gale shows which is a dancing doll made from wood..

Berastagi is the main tourist attraction in Tanah Karo, it is located at 4.594 feet above the sea level, and surrounded by mountains. Berastagi has a cool weather from the wide of beautiful farm fields. Berastagi has the most complete facility such as Hotels, restaurant, golf and all of it can be enjoyed at affordable price.

From this Lovely city of passion Fruit and sweet oranges, You can enjoy the A beautiful views of active volcanos which is Sibayak and Sinabung Mountain. And to enjoy its virgin jungle you just have to walk for about 3-4 hours.

Berastagi also famous for its vegetables and flowers. Every year the people held a festival called flower and fruits festival. And also a culture festival called Mejuah-juah.

As a central of trades, since the beginning Medan has a plural ethnical, and religious people these are seen by the cultural variations, such as tribes, dances, musical instrument foods, and houses. These contribute to the variety of medan culture and tourism.

Tourist attraction in medan are : Istana Maimon, Tugu Guru Patimpus, Tjong A Fie, Museum Bukit Barisan, Tugu Jendral Ahmad Yani, Taman Budaya Medan, Medan Zoo, Rahmat Wild Life Museum & Gallery, Siombak Lake, Merdeka Walk, Mora Indah and lots more.

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