Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kalimantan Part 3 - West Kalimantan

Main tourist attraction are The equator that is right above the earth of Pontianak, which is the capital city of West Kalimantan. The equator was pointed by a monument called Tugu Khatulistiwa. All the tourist visited Pontianak will amazed by this 75 years old monument, beside of its uniqueness the tourist interest is to find the zero degree point that divide earth horizontally.

Baning forest are one of tge most visited site of West Kalimantan. This 215acre forest are located at Siantang, this tropical forest are contain of thousands of big and old trees, and lots of rare flower such as the Tropical pitcher plant and some rare orchid.

Karimata archipelago, located 100km west side of Ketapang. This 77.000acre conservation are formed by two big islands of Karimata and Serutu and several little islands. Karimata archipelago can be reach from Pontianak for 18hr by speed boat.Karimata archipelago had the most various ecosystem sea and land. Including the variety of reef and fishes. And some unique endemic wild life.

Bukit Kelam, a 520 acre of tourism park are located at sintang West Kalimantan. The so called Bukit Kelam or dark Hill are shaped like a big black rock. At the top of the hill are natural and exotic caves used by swallows to nest.

The legend says Sebedang Lake was the favorite resting place for the sultan of sambas.Sebedang lake has the most beautiful views of water and the green color the land. This 1km2 lake are surrounded by hills.from Pontianak you can reach it by land. Exotic… very exotic… other must see site are Pantai Pasir Panjang or Long Sand Beach, Beka Hill National Park, Kadriah Palace, Sultan Abdurrahman’s Mosque, Al watzikhoebillah at sambas and bobo robo ritual.