Monday, October 26, 2009

Kalimantan Part 2 - East Kalimantan

One word to describe East Kalimantan “Beaches” a lot of beautiful white sand, warm weather, and nice wave. You can find these beaches at tanjung Batu, Balikpapan, Tarakan, Kutai Kartanegara, Kutai Timur, Penajam Paser Utara and Bulungan.

The art of Kalimantan to see are the traditional dances, Melayu orchestra, Tingkilan Music, Rebana, Hadrah and the existing imported cultural art such as Kuda Kepang, Ludruk, Ketoprak, Wayang Kulit, Barongsai, Kuda Lumping, Sendur, Karawitan, Reog, and Sinden. These beautiful art can be seen anywhere trough out the province. And don’t ever forget to visit the original Dayak Kenyah tribe at Pampang, to enjoy the exotic houses dances, and ritual of Dayak Kenyah tribe. Additional notes : the girls of Dayak Kenyah are the most Beautiful girls in Indonesia besides Bandung’s and Manado’s Girls hahahaha

Besides all the beaches and art of East Kalimantan are the beautiful forest of Batu Ampar, Wanariset and Tanjung Harapan village.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kalimantan Part 1 - South Kalimantan

South Kalimantan’s Capital city, Banjarmasin had lots of major river and canal, most of the people living above the water, they build their houses with poles stick to the bottom of the rivers, some even living on a raft. The main activity are focused at these river such as the market called pasar terapung or Floating Market due to its transaction are made above water. To enjoy the floating market you have to come early due to its activity start at 05am and end at 09am. You can reach it by Klotok Boat about 30Minute from Banjarmasin

The riverside culture fascinate tourist who visited Banjarmasin. Due to its various river based culture, rafting trough these river had been the most common sightseeing activity of tourist. You can enjoy the views of one of nature’s best at outside the border of the city. Beside rafting, You can enjoy the views trough the Martapura River and Barito River with a Klotok or Speedboat. You can rent it for about Rp.75.000/hr

The river touring package usually start from Mesjid Raya Sabilal Muhtadin to the KUin Market where I lead to the Barito River. Along the way you will pass Pulau Kembang and trough the wood sawing factory at Alalak River and back to the City via Andai River.

Sasaringan is the handmade Batik with South Kalimantan’s style of painting. It was used only by the high society for exorcism ceremony. You can buy it at Banjar timur 20minute from Banjarmasin.

Other site to visit at South Kalimantan are : Lambung Mangkurat’s Museum at Banjar Baru. It collections of the Hindu’s heritage are incredible. Martapura City, are the Diamond processing state of South Kalimantan. You can found lots of handycraft and also travel trough the clear water of the river of Hutan Raya Sultan Adam at Aranio Village.not for from Martapura are the tomb of Syekh Muhammad Arsyad Al Banjari, who spread the teaching of Islam in Kalimantan. Tourist from Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam use to visit this site.

Besides the Martapura’s site you also have to try the Gulai Ikan Haruan at Kandangan or visit the forest of Taman Hutan Pinus, the stalagmites of Goa Batu Hapu,houses made by high poles at Nagara, Mandau of Hadirau, the forest of Kentawan Mountain, the hot spring of Tanuhi, the waterfall of Haratai, Riam anai, or Kilat api. The legend of Tabalong.

The Beaches of South Kalimantan also known for its beauty and exoticism. The sites are : Swarangan beach at Jorong and Batu Lima at Takisung.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sumatra Part 3 - South Sumatra

The Pempek are the most famous food from South Sumatra, Palembang to be exact. Kerupuk Palembang also known for its delicious taste. South Sumatra had various tourst attraction such as beautiful mountains with numerous flower and wild life, located at kerinci Seblat National Park., rivers, lake, and a long coast line, besides unique and charming culture.

The Natural resource of South Sumatra are : Danau Ranau, Musi Rawas, and Musi Banyu Asin. There are also beaches with great views and white sand such as : Parai Tenggini beach, Matras Beach, Pasir Padi Beach at Belitung. And don’t forget to visit the waterfall site at Muara Enim and Lahat. At cultural side you can visit : Bukit Serelo, Dempo mountain, Rumah Limas, and the isolated tribe of Anak Dalam and Kubu. There is also the remains of Sriwijaya Kingdom, like : ancient stone, old statue, palembang’s museum, the cemetery of Bukit Siguntang and the fort of Kuto Besak.

A must see site when you visit South Sumatra are the Great Mosque of Palembang, located at the center city are the heritage of Kesultanan Palembang build by Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin I or Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin Jaya Wikramo at 1738 to 1748.

The untouched nature of Sumatra can be enjoy by visiting the virgin forest of Musirawas. The exotic forest, lake and river are untouched by human hand, and will stay that way. Because the local government would like to keep the forest as national park.