Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sumatra Part 2 - West Sumatra

Ranah Minang or The Land Of Minang, are one of the most visited Province of Sumatra, the main tourist attractions are the exotic cultural art, beautiful nature and historical site.

Singkarak Lake
It is the largest lake in West Sumatra with 21km Long, it is located at the side of Padang Panjang –Solok Road. Lots of resting place build around the lake to enjoy the spicy padangs food also to relaxing and to enjoy the water activity such as canoeing with so called sampan, and small boat, with a beautiful views of nature you can enjoy.

Maninjau Lake
A beautiful lake to visit, located 36km from Bukittinggi, the road to Maninjau Lake is called kelok 44 (44 turns) or kelok ampek-ampek. This is called so because of the many turns had to passed due to reach Danau Maninjau.

Upper Lake and Down side Lake
Both of the lake are called Danau Kembar, or the Twin Lake. Both of the lake are located at Pasar Simpang Village, 56km from Padang. The uniqueness of the Twin Lake are, to get to the Upper lake the road is downhill, and to get to the Down Side Lake the road are climbing.

Jam Gadang (The Big clock)
A tall tower that rise gloriously, with a unique Minangkabau roof, located at the central of Bukittinggi. Jam Gadang is the landmark and symbol of Bukittinggi. Build at the top of Kandang kerbau Hill. At the Netherlands government at the time they colonize Indonesia.

From the top of the tower you can see the beautiful scenery of Bukittinggi such as : Merapi Mountain, Singgalang Mountain, Sago Mountain, and Ngarai Sianok. Jam Gadang also useful for the people to show time, the uniqueness of Jam Gadang are the number 4, it is written IIII

De Kock Fort
The fort was build in the top of Bukittinggi city. Around the fort, you can see the canon used by Imam Bonjol when fighting against the Holland troops.this place is the most perfect place to enjoy the sunset.

Tri Arga Building/Bung Hatta’s Palace
This building who is located at Bukittinggi was a central of Indonesian temporary government office back in 1947. this is coused by the Holland aggression. In memoriam of the proclamation speaker Bung Hatta, the Tri Arga building was renamed to Bung Hatta Palace

Japanese tunnel (cave)
A tunnel 1.400m long and 2m wide, that has lot of turns, made by the Japanese soldier in 1942. it is located at the center of panorama park at Ngarai Sianok. Under the city of Bukittinggi. In the tunnel there are office room, hospital, food and the entrance of the tunnel are at several places, Ngarai Sianok, Panorama, the Bung Hatta Palace, and at the Bukittinggi zoo. The locals called it Lobang Jepang or the Japanese hole.

Other places to visit at north Sumatra are : Ngarai Sianok, Lembah Anai, Anai Resort, Golf Course, Embun Pagi, Ngalau Indah, Istana Pagaruyung, Pandai Sikek, Pulau Sikuai, Kawasan Bukit Langkisau, Pulau Cubadak, Jembatan Akar Pesisir Selatan, Selancar dan Wisata Pantai di Mentawai, Desa Pariangan di Tanah Datar,Rumah Peristirahatan Balai Campago