Monday, November 10, 2008

Other views of indonesia part 2

Krakatau volcano erupted in the year 1883 and is one of the most catastrophic natural events, which is etched in history. The entire region surrounding the volcano was engulfed in clouds of dust. The volcano disappeared, soon after eruption and resulted in the formation of small islands in the area. One of the volcanoes in the area is called Anal Krakatau or the child of Krakatau, which is a young and active volcano. Boat trips to the volcano, allows tourists to get a closer look at the young volcano.but the local authorities prohibited the visitor to wonder around too close to the crater due to its still an active volcano.

Mt. Tangkuban Perahu is filled with many places for sight seeing and exploring. It is an interesting spot and the mount is famous for its distinct upturned boat shape. The panoramic view of the mount and the forests is a delightful experience. The peaceful mountain erupted in 1969 and Kawah Ratu is the main crater or the Queen's crater, as its name suggests. the legend said that tangkuban perahu shaped like upturned boat was because it use to be a boat.

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