Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Snapshot of Indonesia

I have lived in Indonesia for about 29 years now. never go abroad, not because i didn't want to, i didn't have to. why so? here is why, first everything I need and want are here, right under my feet. in the mother land. and second, hey... everyone is dying to visits my country, the exotic place, the culture, the nature and far more we have what other countries in the world don't, like warm weather, beautiful views of islands, beaches, mountains and places beyond your most beautiful dream. Indonesia has it all.

In Indonesia, you can surf the wave of Bali, diving in the beautiful terumbu karang of bunaken Manado, the creativity of Bandung, the one stop shopping trip at Jakarta, or the most elegant view of Prambanan and Borobudur temple of Jogjakarta. and the sculpture of papua, or the jungle of borneo. all is provide with the hospitality of Indonesian people.

Indonesia has the most exotic culture in the world. If you would travel deeply into our islands you will find the exotic of wayang theatre at Middle Java. the fastest cow of karapan sapi at madura. the dance of war at papua, and far more the most viewed of tourist are the dandut music, check it out. you'll definitely get an addiction.

The food, aah.. don't mention the food. it always make me hungry, Indonesian food are very tasty, because it is mixed by 100% Indonesian spices and recipe that are existed for ages. the fried rice, gado-gado, rica-rica, sambal, rendang, and the most famous of indonesian are kerupuk. hahahaha, all of my friend from other countries always ask me for more kerupuk.

It is a glance of what you can enjoy in Indonesia. for more deep views of Indonesia, read my next article.

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